Revenue Management (RM)

With Computron’s Revenue Management solutions, you can manage your entire billing, collection, and cash application process via an easy-to-use and configure web-based system. Revenue Management tools enable you to forge lasting customer relationships by streamlining customer dispute handling, account inquiries, and adjustments, all of which can be handled via a web-based, customer self-service portal. This portal provides online bill and statement inquiries, account reconciliation, dispute tracking, and credit limit or address change requests. In addition, powerful queries and workflow alerts keep your managers informed about critical business elements, such as account recovery risks, high-volume cash receipts, and locally-defined process exceptions. With Revenue Management, you can offer a truly customer-focused buying experience while maintaining strict control over the invoicing cycle.

Core Business Functions

At the heart of Computron’s Revenue Management tools lay the Accounts Receivable and Invoicing modules. These modules facilitate invoice generation and distribution, automatic payment processing, and a cash application process handled by either the customer’s remittance instructions or system-constructed business rules to apply the payment. Receivables and business managers are kept informed of progress through an automated escalation process, tuned to reflect local business rules.


To offer you the ultimate flexibility without sacrificing data integrity, Computron’s Revenue Management solutions integration with several external applications, such as third party billing and customer systems. Computron can receive cash information via industry-standard EDI transmissions, which ensures prompt payment processing and a high level of accuracy. Our powerful reporting and inquiry tools integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Excel to allow financial managers to work in a familiar, widely-used toolset.