Budgeting and Reporting

Spent a fortune on your ERP, yet still building budgets in Excel?

Introducing Chameleon

Computron’s budgeting solution Chameleon has been developed for the public sector and with its budgeting, planning and reporting modules allows you to radically improve not only the efficiency and accuracy of the preparation process, but also the way in which progress is continuously managed to plan across the organization.

Chameleon PowerBudget enables:

  • Fund, Program and Departmental Analysis
  • Manage and control limited resources
  • Distribute information, drive accountability
  • Integrate with your existing Finance and Payroll System
  • Combine the Municipality’s Activities into a single view
  • Rapid deployment and results
  • Over 300 municipalities & public sector customers
Chameleon Webinar

Benefits of Chameleon

Chameleon-FunctionalityEFFICIENCY & PRODUCTIVITY – Automate and Collaborate.  Streamline the budget preparation and approval process, reducing time, complexity and effort.  A familiar Microsoft style user interface minimizes training costs and helps Chameleon be adopted across the organization.

ACCURACY – Regain control over the spreadsheet mayhem that can typify budget processes.  Reduce error and simplify collation by combining sources and workings into a single integrated budget and forecasting database, consolidated at all levels.

BEST PRACTICE – Supports best practice budget principles.

ANALYZE, REVIEW AND THINK – Accelerate and strengthen the budget process.  Win time to allow staff to focus on the meaning behind the figures and to explore options.  Empower staff to quickly reforecast and project outcomes; to adapt and pro-actively manage.

BETTER AND FASTER DECISION MAKING – Supports better decision making on the financial management of essential services helping deliver more for less.

ALIGN with STRATEGIC PLANS – Monitor progress and KPIs in terms of strategic, corporate and departmental plans by applying alternative hierarchies mapped to plans.

VISIBILITY & CONTROL – Distributed interactive reporting ensures stakeholders are up to date with progress and can pro-actively manage exceptions, variances and trends.  Strengthen the control and visibility over the funding and cost of essential and other services.

MAXIMIZE RETURN ON EXISTING ERP SYSTEM INVESTMENT – Integrate with and enhance the budgeting and reporting capabilities of existing finance, payroll and other systems, maximizing the value, life and return from those investments.   Fill the gap between the existing Finance Systems  and what you need.

Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting for Municipalities

Mapping onto the Finance, Payroll, HR and other operational systems Chameleon provides a powerful and easy to use budgeting solution that targets the needs of Local Government. It combines simple and sophisticated budget and modelling techniques, allowing the Agency to capture, consolidate, review and approve without reliance on a spaghetti of interwoven spreadsheets that is both high maintenance and high risk.

In addition to allowing the construction of Labor, Expense, Capital and other Fund budgets, Chameleon enables the Agency to maintain multiple versions and model out long term projections into the future.

Budgeting is only half the story

More than at any other time, Agencies need to constantly manage within their budgets.  The extensive Reporting and Dashboard capabilities of Chameleon integrate with the underlying Finance Systems and other databases to provide officers with clear, interactive reports, charts and other graphics.  At all levels of the organization, the security matrix supports the wide distribution of key information to Budget Holders, Finance Officers and responsible Officials through interactive inquiries or reports enabling them to manage and control their areas of responsibility effectively.

The Difficulties and Risks Commonly Encountered

Financial budgeting and planning are vital activities for all public sector organizations yet they are often challenging and time-consuming.  Typically a disproportionate amount of time and effort is spent gathering and collating figures rather than analyzing their meaning to support decision making.

  • An absence of a master database leads to a version control nightmare as the process grapples with numerous disparate spreadsheets.
  • An uncontrolled network of complex interlinked spreadsheets develops where integrity is difficult to ensure and maintenance is time consuming.
  • A dangerous over-reliance on individual spreadsheet authors can develop creating difficulties when staff move on.
  • With key data spread across multiple spreadsheets reporting options are limited.
  • Spreadsheets compound the complexities of supporting different reporting structures that are required.
  • Limited scope is available to integrate supporting documentation and explanations with budgets.
  • The original budget submission will go through many review stages leading to difficulty in tracking changes and being able to explain whether changes have been made.