Financial Management (FM)

To compete in today’s marketplace, you need flawless financial data; data that adheres to strict internal controls, complies with local and international regulations and reporting requirements, and is readily accessible. When selecting a software system to help you meet these goals, consider Computron, an industry leader with over 30 years of experience in the financial software marketplace. The Financial Management portion of our Enterprise Financials suite can address your most pressing business needs while streamlining outmoded business practices, all through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. With Computron’s Financial Management solutions, you can:

  • Manage your organization’s buying and payment activities
  • Implement efficient invoicing, receipt control, and debtor management
  • Track your capital assets
  • Control and report financial transactions

In addition, several add-ons and sub-modules enable you to automate key business processes, such as sharing budgetary information among divisions and completing periodic reporting. Computron’s Financial Management solutions help your finance department create an information-driven environment in a central repository. This ensures data integrity and synchronization with third-party systems, thus reducing costs and increasing operating efficiencies. With increased visibility into your business, you will strengthen management control and ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements.

Transaction Control and Approval

Leverage Computron’s workflow technology to streamline the General Ledger journal entry and approval process and you’ll achieve increased visibility and management control over transactions prior to posting to the ledger. You can define up to five approval levels per transaction and specific routing and review paths for individual accounts or journal codes. Approvers will receive email notification when a transaction has been routed to them for approval, and can review, approve, or reject a transaction via an intuitive web-based interface.

Budget Preparation and Approval

Through a seamless integration with Microsoft Excel, Computron’s workflow technology provides your organization with a robust and efficient budgeting solution. Since the source data resides in Computron, Computron can download actual financial data into Excel templates to initiate the budget. Once draft budgets are created, you can upload them into Computron’s workflow, along with any supporting documentation, and automatically distributed the budget package to the appropriate individuals; this process is repeated for each subsequent budget draft. When the final budget is approved, you can upload the data into Computron’s General Ledger.

Corporate Reporting

The ultimate objective of implementing an enterprise financial system is to view, extract, and report on the financial data in an efficient and timely manner. Modern organizations face diverse reporting requirements that can only be met by a robust, reliable financial system that is able to offer an appropriate level of sophistication, while at the same time providing a user-friendly and flexible working environment. Computron provides powerful reporting tools that enable your organizations to meet their reporting objectives and requirements. These include:

  • Automated generation and distribution of financial reports built from financial data stored in Computron and extracted into Microsoft Excel
  • Embedded report writers for ad-hoc reports and analysis
  • Integration with Crystal Reports for enhanced reporting capabilities
  • A Microsoft Excel add-on to download data from Computron’s General Ledger into a pre-defined Excel template on demand.

General Ledger Structure

At the heart of Computron’s Financial Management solution lies the General Ledger module. Computron’s General Ledger gives you complete flexibility to define the Chart of Accounts structure, thus enabling your organization to comply with corporate, statutory, and other reporting requirements. In addition, Computron’s General Ledger supports multi-currency and multi-company capabilities, an unlimited set of books, fiscal entities, and calendars with automatic cross-entity consolidation and reporting.


Computron’s comprehensive suite of business software not only forms one cohesive, integrated unit, it also provides you with the means to integrate with third party applications such as front-office systems or specialist HR and CRM software. This provides essential data consistency and accuracy and eliminates manual intervention. Information “silos” are eliminated and a central information repository is established, providing a single source of financial and management data for reporting, ad-hoc inquiries, and analysis.

Seamless integration with other Computron systems such as Purchase-to-Pay and Fixed Assets ensures that the organization has a comprehensive, efficient and reliable financial management system at its disposal.