Our Products


Chameleon is a reporting, budgeting and analysis solution built especially for cities and public sector organizations. It provides real time, instant financial and other information to managers and staff at all levels of your organization from high level to transaction reporting.

Accounts Receivable (AR)

Take charge of your organization’s cash collection activities with Computron’s Accounts Receivable module. With efficient invoicing, receipt control, and debtor management, as well as robust queries and a customizable interface, Computron’s Accounts Receivable enables you to keep track of the lifeblood of your organization accurately and effectively.

Accounts Payable (AP)

To manage your organization’s buying and payment activities and to maintain solid relationships with suppliers, trust Computron’s internationally proven Accounts Payable solution.

Computron G2

Computron G2 is centered on our world class General ledger. G2 is part of an ongoing product investment program, the initial release focuses on productivity within the Finance Function and streamlining business management across the entire organization while adhering to a simplified yet strengthened security model.

Credit Management Portal

Strong oversight of each task in your revenue cycle, be it billing, collections, cash matching, or dispute handling, is crucial to maintaining the health of your business, as these tasks directly impact your bottom line. To streamline and improve this critical data collection, distribution, and analysis process, Computron has created Credit Management Portal, an extension to their Accounts Receivable module.

Expense Cycle Management

Expense Cycle Management integrates with Computron’s Workflow module and other modules in the Enterprise Financials suite to accelerate the payment process, reduce manual effort, and improve your control over the payment process, while increasing the overall productivity and quality of the organizational process.

Fixed Assets (FA)

Computron’s Fixed Assets module enables you to access and report an asset’s physical and budgetary information via a customizable, user-friendly interface. The Fixed Assets module lets you create comprehensive asset records with your choice of standard depreciation methods.

General Ledger (GL)

To ensure that your books are complete and accurate, you can trust Computron’s proven General Ledger solution. With Computron, you can achieve comprehensive account visibility across multiple companies and divisions, as well as an unlimited number of currencies and reporting calendars.

Journal Cycle Management

By organizing General Ledger journal entries into queues for review and approval before posting and period closure, Journal Cycle Management ensures that managers have an opportunity to validate transactions and attach explanatory notes, including Microsoft Word and Excel documents or scanned images, as supporting documentation.

Procurement Portal

Procurement Portal supervises the entire procurement lifecycle process. From supply need to payment for received goods (requisition – to – payment), Procurement Portal allows employees to securely purchase critical goods and services via the Intranet, discourages off-contract or “maverick” buying, and consolidates purchasing practices.